5 Signs It’s Time To Change Your Freight Forwarder

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5 Signs It’s Time To Change Your Freight Forwarder

As a freight forwarder, we thing it is highly important that companies and supply chains are able to transport their goods across the world at a fast, safe and efficient rate. Whether the company is in control of logistics directly or it is down to the supply chain to make transportation arrangements. If  airfreight, ocean freight or road freight is required to transport goods. We want to show you 5 signs it’s time to change your freight forwarder.

1. Staff Are Not Easily Contactable

When dealing with a time scale, it is important that a freight forwarder replies quickly with a clear response. Whether it is a concern or problem, or a general question regarding a future shipment, contact with a freight forward should be of high level. Telenet Global Logistics have dedicated account managers meaning companies and supply chains will have the maximum relationship with us.

2. An Increase In Costs

If a company is working on a budget, it can become difficult when dealing with a freight forwarder that only puts up their prices. We are happy to give our clients true rates, no matter if they are raised or lowered. This will allow you to save money but keep the same high level of service.

3. Goods Aren’t Being Delivered On-time, Or  Are Continuously Damaged

One of the biggest signs that you need to change your freight forwarder is if the goods companies are shipping are constantly being delivered late, or are damaged due to careless handling of the goods. If you feel like this is affecting your business as it is costing more money then looking for a new freight forwarder may be the best option.

sea freight import and export freight forwarder4. PODs Are Not Available When Requested

An important part of the delivery process is that a proof of delivery is signed for when he goods are delivered at the destination. Companies sending the goods will need a POD as proof before paying for invoices. If you are constantly chasing PODs from your freight forwarder it may benefit you to request quotes elsewhere in order to save tome and money.

5. Your Business is Growing

A growing business is something that everyone wants. When a business gets to a certain size you may be transporting a high quantity of goods which your current freight forwarder may not be able to handle. You will need to find a larger freight forwarding company or one that is capable of handling the quantity of goods coming in.

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  • If the required response is not derived from the freight forwarder that is to maintain the costs i.e the inventory costs and also providing various consulting sessions then one must think of changing their freight forwarder.

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