5 Things You NEED To Ask Your Freight Forwarder

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5 Things You Need To Ask Your Freight Forwarder

A huge majority of companies will need to import or export goods at one time or another. Most on a regular basis. But how much do you really know about logistics? Here are 5 things you need to ask your freight forwarder when needing to import and export goods.

1. Are You Offering Your Price Based On Current Rates?

When asking for a quote to import or export your goods, it is common for the freight forwarder to work out costs using a standard exchange rate. Usually higher then the current rate. When recieving a quote you should ask if they are basing the costs on the current rates or if they are using their own.

Telenet Global Logistics offer all of our quotes based on the live rates, and will give you a copy of the rates for you to compare. Guaranteed.

2. Do they have experience with your type of cargo?

It is always reassuring when the freight forwarder you are working with has a great deal of experience working with the same type of cargo as your own. Having experience in different types of cargo is a good sign from a freight forwarder as it shows they deal with different methods of transport on a daily basis and can alter things to suit your needs.

Many freight forwarders like to think of themselves as a “Jack of all trades”, Telenet have a department dedicated to general freight forwarding with over 17 years experience to date. We also have a team of people dedicated to event logistics, this includes shipping AV and rigging equipment, large scale merchandise, Band equipment and exhibition and entertainment equipment.

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3. How reliable are their network of partners?

As a logistics company it is common to have several partnerships with other freight forwarders, aircraft charters and road haulage companies. You should ask where their partners are based globally, how long they have been partnered with them and how often your freight forwarder uses these partners.

Telenet are part of 2 global networks, SPANFN and Network 360 and have been for a number of years. We often work with our partners to ensure that we can complete shipments anywhere in the world, easily and at a lower cost.

4. What Load Services Do you offer (Bother Air and Ocean Freight)?

When getting a quote from a freight forwarder, it is beneficial for you to know the types of loads that they offer. With ocean freight there are full container load (FCL), less-than container load (LCL) and Reefer containers. For airfreight there are express, general and consolidated airfreight options.

For more information on the services Telenet offer please click here.

5. What Extra Services Do You Offer?

when receiving a quote from the freight forwarder, ask if there are any extra services available for your shipment. Some logistics companies offer extras such as warehouse storage, cargo insurance, cargo tracking, pick and pack services, dangerous goods handling etc.

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