Door to Door Shipping Services

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Door to Door Shipping Services

When shipping goods, importing or exporting, the goods need to be transported from the factory to the destination. A lot of the time companies have to use multiple agents in order to complete the full transportation of goods. Telenet Global Logistics offer door to door services to and from a large number of countries across the world. This includes China, Dubai, India, America, parts of South America and all of Europe. We are going to demonstrate to you how we provide a seamless door to door service.

Collecting Goods From the Factory

We can collect your goods straight from the factory using our trusted partners within the required areas. We are part of 2 global networks allowing us to give cost competitive rates and trusted service for the collection of your goods. Once we have arranged collection, our partners will load your cargo onto their trucks. They will then transport the goods by road freight to either the chosen airport or sea port. If our partners are collecting in Europe, we can arrange the trucks to be ferried to the UK, allowing there goods to stay of the same truck from start to finish.

door to door services

Different Methods of Shipping

We can arrange the goods to be transported to an airport or sea port. Depending on the specifications of the goods, depends on what method of shipping is best. For airfreight, we can charter an aircraft for your cargo, or group your goods with other items of cargo. For ocean freight we can book a 20′, 40′ or 40′ high cube for your goods to be transported by FCL or LCL. Furthermore, we can arrange all of the customs documentation for your goods, such as ATA carnets, air waybills and packing lists. As well as deal with the customs clearance.

Shipping Goods From Port to Destination

Once your cargo arrives at the destination port we will send our designated trucks and drivers to collect the goods. The will then road freight the cargo either to our warehouse for storage. Or straight to the customers location for drop off and delivery. For smaller goods we provide a local courier service where we can deliver to anywhere in the UK using our designated Telenet vans.

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