5 Fulfilment Services We Offer

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5 Fulfilment Services We Offer

We pride ourselves on being a “one-stop shop” for the logistics industry. We will collect your goods from the factory. Transport them to the required air or sea port ship them to the destination county. Collect using our designated drivers. Store in our warhorse and manage all fulfilment and pick and pack needs. The following lists the 5 main fulfilment services that Telenet offer.


Our fulfilment team can re-palletise clients goods to suit orders. We can also strip goods from large aircraft pallets and shipping containers. In our warehouse we have a variety of different sized pallets on order to ensure that all of your goods can be transported correctly and stored properly with the warehouse. You tell us what pallets you require your goods to be stored on and we will source them for you at a competitive price.

fulfilment ServicesRepackaging

We can also repackage your goods into different size boxes as well as provide packaging materials such as bubble wrap and foam peanuts. Our team will source the correct sized boxes from our trusted partners to ensure all of the clients goods are packed safely. This service can also be used alongside our labelling and re-palletising service.


If cables are required for goods and a shipment, or boxes need to be relabelled, we can help. We have label machines that can print the correct information on the right amount of labels. Our fulfilment team will manually stick the labels onto the goods and the boxes, ready for them to be transported and accepted at the destination.

Bag packing

We have huge amounts of experience in working with clients who require VIP  bags and giveaways to be prepared, ready for tours and launches. Our team have past experience is packing V IP band merchandise, Product launch giveaways and promotional materials. After the goods are packed we can re-box, label and pallet goods ready to be transported to their destination.

Pick and Pack ServicesGoods Sorting

We can also sort your goods by destination, shipping date, product and more. Just tell us how you would like your goods to be organised and we will fulfil your needs.

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