The London New Years Day Parade 2018: What We Do To Help!

Posted by J.Jordan

The London New Years Day Parade 2018

We are on a countdown to one of the biggest celebrations of the year The London New Years Day Parade. Which also means it the busiest time of the year for everyone here at Telenet Global Logistics. We will be shipping over 90 tonne of band equipment for over 100 high school bands fro the USA to the UK. But this year we will be doing much more. Telenet will also be shipping and distributing all of the magnificent costumes, props and merchandise that helps make the day so special.

The Shipping of Goods

Over the next few weeks our American partners will be collecting al of the instruments from different high schools around America. We will then be working with them to ship the instruments and costumes via airfreight to the UK. Once the cargo reaches the UK our drivers will transport all of the instruments to our warehouse where we will sort into the correct high schools, cost and palletise ready to be delivered to the hotels the bands are staying in.

What We Do On The Day

On the day of the parade we will have a team of people ensuring all of our deliveries go to plan throughout the day. Our drivers will be making collections and deliveries of props and costumes the start and end of the parade. Our marketing manager will be streaming a live, 360 degree video throughout the day across different social media platforms as well as take photos and answer any questions about our services.

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