International Airfreight Services

As a professional global logistics company we offer a reliable, safe, fast and cost effective airfreight services worldwide. This includes express air freight, general air freight and consolidated air freight. In addition, we can reassure our customers of meeting their requirements to and from destinations globally, including airfreight from china, through our professional partnership with Network 360.

With our professional advice and integration with our other services we provide international door to door solution, if required. Telenet can collect you shipment, deliver to our own warehouse and repack it (if required). We also provide labelling and take care of all necessary paperwork requirements and country specific documentation needs. Furthermore we  provide customs clearance, deliver cargo to the airline, and ensure the fastest, most reliable and cheap air freight services to the final destination. Also, when needed, we can assist with all the destination requirements and door delivery.

Your cargo will be always handled and taken care of by the same department ensuring the maximum level of customer service supplied. Our team handle any type of equipment, hazardous cargo, AOG (aircraft on ground) shipments, pharmaceuticals, oversized cargo, heavy machinery and all other specialised needs.

Thanks to our extensive experience we deliver outstanding customer service, take care of customs clearance, duty payments (where applicable), Value Added Tax (VAT) or GST liabilities.

Express air freight
Express Air freight
  • Premium prices for airfreight
  • Time definitive
  • Guaranteed next available flight
  • Accelerated handling
  • Flexible routing and schedules

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General air freight
General Air freight
  • Most popular method of airfreight
  • Highly competitive rates
  • Perfect for less time-sensitive freight
  • Shorter transit times
  • Flexible and cost efficient

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consolidated air freight
Consolidated Air freight
  • Cheapest method of airfreight
  • Designated days and flights
  • Faster then shipping by ocean
  • multiple consignees in one shipment
  • Fast and cost effective

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Airfreight Services

Telenet can organise and deliver shipments to and from the most popular destinations:

  • Airfreight from Europe / To Europe
  • Airfreight from China / To China (and Asia)
  • Air freight from North America / To North America
  • Air freight from South America / To South America

Give us a call below to discuss your shipment in further detail.

Safe & Secure

Our team know how important it is that our clients goods get to their destination safe and secure. That is why we ensure each package is transported correctly.


Telenet can provide you with live, real-time monitoring of your shipment and give you regular updates on the location and stage your shipment is at.

24/7 Support

Telenet Global Logistics are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions about our services and how we can help you. Call us today.