Telenet Visit The Showman’s Show!

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Telenet Visit The Showman’s Show

Yesterday (Thursday 19th October 2017) our managing director, business development manager and marketing manager took a trip down to Thatcham to attend The Showman’s Show. The show had a great atmosphere and all the exhibitors were eager to talk to visitors and demonstrate their products and services.

Arriving at the show, we talked to a lot of great companies who showed an interest in the freight forwarding services we offer. They were interested in how we can benefit them by saving money on their shipments to the UK, then distribution outwards. At the outside section of the show, there were a lot of impressive stands and displays, with everyone excited to be exhibiting. We took part in some really fun competitions including a chipping contest, putting contest and VR hide and seek, hosted by XL Displays.

Jack’s Competition Win

Our digital marketing manager, Jack Jordan’s, highlight of the day was taking part in and winning XL Displays VR hide and seek competition. Jack topped the board, finding the hidden star in 31.39 seconds. Just milliseconds faster then second place, who completed the task in 31.43 seconds. Jack won a Insta 360 One VR camera, be sure to follow us on social media to see how he is using his prize. We are planning on a 360 live stream on 1st January 2018, as the logistics partners for The New Years Day Parade.

The Showman's Show

The Showman’s Show also allowed us to connect and catch up with some of our current clients as well as some of the people we met at FestOut 2017. We hope everyone enjoyed the show as much as we did and we look forward to seeing you all again soon!

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