What is General Air Freight?

General air freight is the most commonly used method of transporting cargo by air. It is used when a client has a large timeframe to ship the goods. As well as the cargo not being classed as dangerous goods and doesn’t require any extra precautions. General air freight can be used for par-load or full aircraft shipments.

Telenet Global Logistics pride ourselves on having a highly experienced team that show attention to detail when dealing with your air cargo. We ensure your shipment gets to its destination on time, at a cost competitive rate.

General Airfreight

Benefits of General Air Freight

Fast and Regular Flights: Flights for general air freight are faster then shipping by ocean. They also depart regularly to most destinations.

Cost Competitive: Our rates care competitive and are based on the current exchange rates. Giving you a true price every time.

Why Telenet Global Logistics?

Tenet Global Logistics are part of 2 global networks, Network 360 and SPANFN. We frequently work with our industry partners ensuring your cargo is with people trusted to keep your shipment safe from start to finish. Using our trusted freight forwarding partners, we are able to give all of our customers cost-competitive rates for any of the services we offer.

Telenet offer live tracking information to all of our customers so they can see where their cargo is, at any part of the day. Furthermore we also provide all documentation needed such as Air Waybills, ATA Carnets and Customs Documentation.

For more information on the airfreight services we offer, click here. Email us for a quote info@telenetlogistics.com or call us +44 (0) 1753 768100.


General airfreight is the most commonly used method of transporting cargo by air. It is used when a client has a large timeframe to ship the goods.

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Consolidated airfreight is when a freight forwarder combines your small shipment with multiple other smaller shipments. This allows our customers to have better freight rates and security of cargo.

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Express Airfreight is the fastest method of transportation to ship your goods around the world.This method of shipping can be used to get goods across the world in a minimal timeframe.

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Safe & Secure

Our team know how important it is that our clients goods get to their destination safe and secure. That is why we ensure each package is transported correctly.


Telenet can provide you with live, real-time monitoring of your shipment and give you regular updates on the location and stage your shipment is at.

24/7 Support

Telenet Global Logistics are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions about our services and how we can help you. Call us today.