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EU Exit has left many businesses uncertain on the importation of goods into the UK from European countries. The regulations brought forward by government can be complex to say the very least, this can leave you feeling confused and worried about when you are going to receive your goods. Here at Telenet we want companies to focus on their business growth. We have a team of specialised UK customs clearance agents with experience in customs brokerage, taking care of these matters for you.

We will bring to attention customs fees, negotiating barriers and keeping a completely transparent relationship with our clients. Our elite UK customs brokers will reduce risk and complete a speedy, seamless end to end solution for your imports.

Your goods will only be released from UK customs once your VAT and duty is paid and your documentation is complete. Our team of elite brokers will speak with the relevant authorities, insuring all customs clearance documentation is paid, as well as making sure all invoices are correctly paid and avoiding issues such overpayment or underpayment.

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UK customs clearance agents
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Customs clearance agents
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EU Exit and Customs Clearance Agents UK

From 1st January 2021 the UK will be leaving the single market and the UK border control and customs clearance will be changed by the Customs Union. This will overall effect people importing goods into the UK, and exporting goods out of the UK. We are able to bridge this new gap in the logistics market. Providing you with high-quality freight forwarding and providing all of the correct customs clearance documentation.

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Our team know how important it is that our clients goods get to their destination safe and secure. That is why we ensure each package is transported correctly.


Telenet can provide you with live, real-time monitoring of your shipment and give you regular updates on the location and stage your shipment is at.

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