Complete Project Management Solutions

Telenet see project management as a key factor in providing a total logistics solution to our clients. We also pride ourselves in identifying the needs of our customers, and utilising our knowledge and experience to provide full operational planning and implementation for the project from start to finish. Team Telenet also have extensive experience with our project management service of varying complexity. Therefore we are able to meet specific deadlines and are used to resolving any operational complications.

We offer a consultancy service which aims to anticipate any potential problems and address alternative plans in advance. Telenet recognises that there is an increasing need for staff capable of managing your demands for improvement. Furthermore, our sales team has extensive project management experience in client facing environments.

Our project management is embedded into our logistics and supply chain process. As a result we are able to help with management, including procurement, production, distribution and customer service.

Finally we are aware that each project we work on is unique and requires a specific set of operational solutions designed to achieve the goal. Our project team have the knowledge, skills and experience to effectively design and manage these solutions.

Project management
Project Management Team
  • Available 24/7
  • Offering real-time monitoring
  • Safe and secure warehouse
Pick and Pack Services
Fulfilment services
  • Palletising
  • Re-packeging and labelling
  • VIP and merchandise packing

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Equipment storage
Experienced staff
  • Experienced in all modes of logistics
  • Quick to create solutions
  • Smooth transfer of services

Dedicated Project Management

As a company, we believe that project management is a key factor in providing a total logistics solution to our clients.

We pride ourselves on recognising the needs of our clients and having the knowledge and experience for planning. As a result our team are able to maximise the resources available and organising the project from start to finish. In addition, Telenet delivers projects of varying complexity; hitting deadlines and solving last minute changes.

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Safe & Secure

Our team know how important it is that our clients goods get to their destination safe and secure. That is why we ensure each package is transported correctly.

Real-Time Monitoring

Telenet can provide you with live, real-time monitoring of your shipment and give you regular updates on the location and stage your shipment is at.

24/7 Support

Telenet Global Logistics are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions about our services and how we can help you. Call us today.