5 reasons you should use a UK customs broker

Posted by J.Jordan

1. Making the customs clearance process easy

The customs clearance declaration comprises of the C88 and E2 document. This is a detailed declaration document consisting of 49 boxes that need to be completed. This is a legally binding submission to HMRC that will show details that are specific to each individual shipment in accordance to the terms of sale.

In addition to the above, Telenet Global Logistics will need to be made aware of the mode of transport you are using; Ocean freight, Air freight, Road freight and which Port / Airport the shipment will arrive into. We will also need to know if you have specific customs entry requirements.

As a specialist Customs broker, we can submit the declaration on your behalf so you can focus on other important aspects of your business. Our experienced members of staff will handle all the formalities.

UK Customs Broker

2. A fast and effective method of clearance

When you pass your customs clearance forms to an experienced broker, we can get things done correctly the first time. This will reduce the amount of time your goods spend in customs hold pending its release. Not only does this speed up the time it will take to get your goods in your possession. It will also minimise your chance of being charged with additional storage fees.


3. Minimal effort from customer side

As the customs broker, we would only need basic information regarding goods you are importing in order to go away and completed the clearance declaration for you. This means you can spend your valuable time completing other tasks within your company whilst we act on your behalf dealing with Customs.


4. The changes coming in EU Exit

With EU Exit (also known as BREXIT) coming into play on the 1st January 2021, there will be a vast number of changes to the current customs clearance system. You will have to produce customs documentation for goods arriving into the UK from countries that are in the European Union. Telenet Global Logistics will be able to guide you on what these documents will be and answer questions you may have.

UK Customs Broker

5. A small handling fee can save a lot of money

You may feel submitting the customs entry yourself would be a more cost-effective way of doing things, however you will to then invest in the correct software amongst other requirements and have training to be able to ensure declaration to HMRC is done correctly. If the legal declaration is not filled out correctly within the short time frame, you may incur a number of different penalty fees, and storage fees.

The other option would be to give Telenet Global Logistics your authorisation to submit the declaration on your behalf for a small handling fee and we can take the pressure away from you. Please click here to view the authorisation letter.

Thank you for reading our latest article on Customs Brokers, if you would like to talk to one of our specialists brokers please email us at info@telenetogistics.com or give us a call at +44 (0)1753768100.