5 Tips For Successfully Exhibiting At Your Next Event

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Preparing For Your Next Exhibition

The start of the exhibition season is upon us, and whether you are and exhibitor or a visitor they can be beneficial to us all. Telenet Global Logistics are regular exhibitors at the event industry exhibitions. With the Event Production Show 2018 only a week away. Here are our 5 tips for successfully exhibiting at your next event.

1. View the Floor Plan

One of the tools to make your event successful is given to you, the floor plan. Familiarise yourself with where you are compared to the speakers stage and concession stands. This is so you can utilise the flow of traffic. It is also good to familiarise yourself with other exhibitors, you may have a chance to speak to them over the course of the event.

2. Keep it simple

Your stand is what speaks to visitors first before you on the stand. Make sure your displays are simple, kept visible and are easy to read. Over-crowding your stand may make it look messy and hard to read. which may deter visitors from talking to you.

Telenet exhibition stand

3. Change Your Graphics

It costs a lot of money to exhibit at events. So it is important that you make the most out of the exhibition. Have a variety of displays that look different and offer different services/products depending on the type of event you are exhibiting at. We have stands for both general freight forwarding and specific stands for event logistics.

Telenet London New Years day parade4. Competitions and Giveaways

Another way to entice visitors to come to your stand is to hold competitions or offer giveaways. Try and be creative with both of these in order to attract more visitors to come and talk to you. We give away Telenet fidget spinners, replica vans, Telenet poker chips and Telenet pens. We also hand out our services brochures and business cards.

Telenet Merchandise

5. Follow Your Leads

Once the exhibition is finished it is important that you gather all of the emails from your event ready for your post-exhibition email campaign. We send out a general thank you email to all of those who visited our stand. One of our sales team will then contact each of our leads to follow up on any convocations and leads we had at the show.

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