5 Types of Goods We Regularly Ship

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5 Types of Goods We Regularly Ship

At Telenet Global Logistics we can ship any goods to any destination, however there are a variety of goods that we ship on a regular basis. Whether it is ocean freight or airfreight, the following 5 types of cargo we have great experience shipping on a regular basis.

Merchandise and Branding Products

Many of our clients are in the merchandise and branding industry. We often bring 20′ and 40′ containers out of China to our warehouse in the UK. These containers are filled with a variety of goods such as key clothing and keyring’s for giveaways, suitcases, plush and toys and Drinks bottles. One of our newest clients are BBC 2’s Dragons Den ShakeSphere. We are continuously shipping 20′ containers out of China full of protein shaker bottles. We also went through the fulfilment process of putting the bottles together ready to be transported to the final destinations.


Furniture For Sale and Event Hire

We often provide road freight services for a variety of our furniture clients as well as ocean freight services. We regally have trucks collecting out of factories in Italy and Belgium and transporting the furniture back to our warehouse or the clients warehouse. Some of the furniture we transport is made in china and brought over to the UK via ocean freight.

Industrial Parts and Equipment

The bulk of our shipments are for clients who deal with lard industrial products and equipment. We handle a large amount of telecoms and large IT equipment as well as large scale water pipes and steal and copper.

Event Structures, Displays and Equipment

Our events experts regularly transport large portable structures, display stands and equipment. these goods are transported around the world using an ATA Carnet. An ATA Carnet is a document, like a passport for your goods, that allows a company to move them from country to country without having to pay duties or taxes.

Shipping from USA to the UK

Shop Fittings and Display Stands

We handle shipments for companies that fit stores all over the world for companies such as UGG and Lego. The fittings are transported often to the UK, USA and other parts of Europe.

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