The Customs Declaration System: What You Need To Know!

Posted by J.Jordan

The Customs Declaration System

The customs declaration system will affect any company that is involved in the international trade of goods. Be prepared, as the process of declaring shipments is going to change in the near future. The new customs declaration system is going to be put in place for the 141,000 traders that are currently involved in making customs declarations for exports and imports to countries that are outside of the EU.

Depending on the current Brexit negotiations, the requirement for all declarations could become extended for shipments in and out of EU countries.

What is The Customs Declaration System?

The customs declaration system (CDS), is a customs handling program that is used for the declaration of goods that have been imported and exported. This will replace the current CHIEF system. The new system will monitor the UK’s international supply chain. This will ensure that all correct duties and levies are paid, and that any of the relevant licences that are related to the commodities have been obtained. As well as ascertaining if further checks are required on the goods by the border force.

Customs declaration systemWhy is The New System Being Introduced?

The changing of EU legislation led to the implementation of a new UCC (Union Customs Code). This was designed to streamline customs legislation globally by providing a unified process for over 80% of countries. As part of the union customs code, all customs communication will need to be made through computerised processes by December 2020. This will be made possible by the introduction of the CDS.

When Will The Customs Declaration System Be Implemented?

HMRC have suggested that they plan to have the full implementation of the CDS  in place by March 2019. The same time the UK is planning to complete the process of living the EU. The transaction from CHIEF to CDS is expected to start from August 2018.

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