Telenet’s Recap on The Event Production Show 2018

Posted by J.Jordan

Success for Telenet at the Event Production Show 2018

From Wednesday 28th February to Thursday 1st March 2018 Telenet Global Logistics exhibited at the event production show. The show had a lot of promise for both visitors and exhibitors with a chance to meet like-minded professionals within the events industry. Although the snowy weather may have deterred some visitors from attending, there were still a good number of people looking to improve their business.

Day 1 at EPS 2018

Day 1 of EPS was a great chance to get to know the other exhibitors around us and talk so some of the keen individuals looking it improve their logistical knowledge. We were able to take to a variety of different industry professional about the type of product/services they offer and how we would be able to save them money and improve their freight forwarding experience.

Event production show

Day 2 at EPS 2018

Day 2 of EPS was a great opportunity to talk to some of the other exhibitors about their current logistical requirements and how we may be able to help them in the future. It was also really interesting to see all of the different professionals within the industry and see some of the great products they create in person.


We’d like to say a huge thank you to Mash Media for putting on such a great event even with the snow and cold weather. We would also like to say thank you to all of the other exhibitors and visitors for taking the time to talk to us about how we can improve their logistics.

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