The London New Years Day Parade 2018 : Another Success For Telenet

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The London New Years Day Parade 2018 Logistics Providers

We started our year with another busy week at Telenet. For the last 3 weeks we have been working hard to ensure 30 high school marching bands were able to come to the UK from USA to perform at the London New Years Day Parade and return again safely. We are recapping what we done to make this possible.

Shipping from the USA to the UK

2 weeks before Christmas we shipped over 100 Tonnes of band equipment from all around the USA to our warehouse in the UK. The band equipment was transported to the UK using chartered aircrafts. Once all of the instruments were derived to our warehouse we sorted them and our team of dedicated Telenet drivers delivered them to the hotels the bands were staying in around London. As well as the instruments we also delivered London maps and goodie bags for the bands.

Shipping from USA to the UK

Distribution of Goods on the Day

On the day of the parade we distributed flags, VIP goodie bags, brochures and handouts to the grand stands ready to be given out to the public. We also arranged the clothing bins in order of the marching bands in the parade to ensure a fast an efficient turn around of goods. Allowing the bins to be loaded onto our vans ready to be delivered back to the hotels.

Flag distribution London New Years Day Parade 2018

Our team also delivered all of the furniture for the VIP section and our marketing manager spend the day inside of the parade taking photos which you can see here.

Shipping from the UK back to the USA

This week we have been working hard to make sure all of the band equipment is picked up from the hotels and taken to the airport where they will be loaded onto the aeroplanes and shipped to the USA. All of the bins have been brought back to the warehouse by our drives to be stored for next year.

Band Equipment

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